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Why Johnny Loves to Read and Read and Read
In 'whole language' classrooms, children are eager learners - and so are their teachers. Together they have pushed their desks aside and are charting their own course through the curriculum. Education professor Joel Taxel guides their efforts.

Hot on the Trail of Nuclear Waste

UGA scientists are tracking radioisotopes released 30 years ago into ponds at the Savannah River Site. Their studies reveal where those contaminants are now and how to keep them there. In a similar vein they are studying the radiation effects of Chernobyl, the worst nuclear disaster on earth.

PC, PR and Research in the '90s
English professor Margaret Dickie advocates diversity in curricula and research to reflect the cultural composition on today's campus.

To Span the Globe
It's a tall order but, with help from Franklin Hildy, an expert on Elizabethan theater architecture, a replica of the 16th century Globe theater will open in London in time to celebrate Shakespeare's 430th birthday.

The Gems in Genetic Junk
As Susan Wessler sorts through "genetic junk" in corn she is finding answers to how genes mutate. Her discoveries may shed light on the process of evolution.

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Practicing Safe Surgery
Even when wearing rubber gloves, health care workers are at risk from infectious agents that may penetrate the fabric of their protective garments. Textile researcher Karen Leonas wants to reduce that risk.

Sweet Potato Puffs
Move over pretzels. Romeo Toledo is perfecting a new low-fat junk food. It's made from sweet potatoes, so it's also nutritious.

Heroes in the Lab
Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Deborah Blum makes a case for why researchers who use animals must tell the rest of us about the good work they do.