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Born To Be Wild or meek or fussy or inquisitive
Are children born to be wild or compliant or rebelious? Roy Martin, a UGA professor of educational psychology, and Matti  Huttunen investigate children's behaviour and whether it may be predisposed from an early age.

Life at the Boiling Point and
Evolutionary Theory Continues to Evolve

Recently discovered bacteria thrive in boiling water and at pressures 300 times greater than those at sea level. Biochemist Mike Adams is among the scientists unraveling the molecular mysteries of life forms that thrive deep in the ocean near erupting volcanoes.

Wings of War and Knights of the Air
John Morrow delved deep beneath the myths of WWI aviation to study how the major powers developed their aerial forces. Now he has constructed a different interpretaion of the importance of early wartime aviation.

Scientists Urge Caution in Amphibian Alarm
This time it's nature, not hum an impact on the environment, that may be the culprit behind declining populations of salamanders and frogs. Scientists have documented the importance of local environmental conditions on breeding amphibian populations.

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Wood Curls
A new packing material that's safe for people and the environment.

Toxic Chemicals
Computer simulation models may predict chemicals' toxic effects.

Thomas Hardy
A search for the novelist's original prose among the numerous editions.

Happiness Is
It's connected more to feelings than to the attainment of goals.

Science Literacy in Today's World
In an editorial column, a geneticist and a science educator consider "science literacy" and the role of science in society.