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Fall 1993

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You Can Buy Anything if the Price is Right
Businesses once owned by governments are turning in surprisingly good performances after they're "privatized," according to research by business professor William Megginson.

Sweeping the Sea
Genetically engineered microorganisms (GEMs) are a natural for cleaning up spilled chemicals in the ocean. But the GEMs could become a menace to native marine bacteria. Marine biologist Bob Hodson explores the risks of using bacterial brooms to do the work of environmental clean up.

Pick a Number... Any Number
Computer simulations devour up to a million random numbers a second. A chance discovery by UGA and IBM scientists points to problems with some random number generators that fuel those simulations.

Canola - Teaching An Old Plant New Tricks
Low in environmental impact and high in unsaturated fats, rapeseed oil and its derivative, canola, are being poured into everything from motor oil to margarine. UGA agronomists are molding new varieties of this Northern plant for Southern farmers.

Grilling the Suspect in Food-Related Illness
Well-Done is not all it's cooked up to be, according to the latest research by food scientiest Michael Doyle.

Murder in the Mounds
Worker ants do a lot more than gather food, raise the young and keep the nest clean. They also decide which queens live or die.

Readin', Writin' and Research
The Program for School Improvement works so well that schools are on a waiting list to participate.

The Ancestry of AND
Linguist Jared Klein reconstructs the unwritten history of and, a common but essential component of everyday conversation.

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VIEWPOINT -- How a University Grows
Ecologist Eugene Odum finds parallels between the growth of ecosystems and academic institutions.