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Fall 1993

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Out on a Limb
Contrary to its reputation for pristine forests and clean air, the Southeast is a hotspot for ozone. Forester Robert Teskey reports an alarming impact of ozone on pine productivity.

In Search of Darwin's Potato
Anthropologist Robert Rhoades eyes the cultivation of the world's wealth of potato variaties. From Peru to Sri Lanka, he plots the distribution of the planet's most important vegetable.

Artificial Intelligence - Authentic Innovation
An electric assembly of university scientists is teaching computers to learn from their own mistakes and answer questions computers never faced before.

Mending Holes in the Ocean's Food Web
At least they don't behave in the ocean the way scientists thought they would. And that's led UGA zoologist Lawrence Pomeroy to rethink the landmark theory he advanced two decades ago.

Borrowed Justice
The roots of jurisprudence spring from many different shores. Law professor Alan Watson traces traditions that sometimes tip the scales of justice.

Ions Unlock Eons of Secrets
New scientific instruments developed by chemist Nigel Adams can assess stellar clouds - and may help fashion future computer chips.

From Trash to Trough
A technique devised by veterinarian Jean Sander could convert an old problem into a new opportunity for livestock and poultry producers.

The New View of the Invisible Women
Associate Professor Peggy Kreshel reveals the early history of women in advertising.

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Research Planning and the Challenge of Change
Dean Alphonse Buccino recently returned from a year-long stint in Washington, examines the promise of change and the potential for research in the '90s.