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Summer 1994

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From the Editor

Birds of a Feather
Patty Gowaty has discovered some rather surprising mating habits and other social behaviors among one of the South's best-loved birds.

All in the Family
Rural poor families have more than their share of hardships and less than their share of resources. Social scientists study how poverty influences family relationships and academic achievements.

Landscaping New Partnerships
American scientists have joined forces with farmers and tribal leaders in the Philippines and other developing countries to forge holistic agriculture solutions.

One Atom at a Time
John Stickney has patented a process that bonds one-atom-thick layers of elements to make electronic-grade materials.

Digging into Dirtless Dirt
UGA horticulturists help take the guesswork out of soilless soils.

Mind over Money
Deborah Godwin reveals that attitudes are more important than assets when it comes to financial satisfaction.

Fighting for Cats and Dogs
Don't be too quick to blame Fido and Fluffy for spreading disease. Diagnostic tests show that pets often get a bum rap.

Divide and Conquer
Research on prime numbers helps safeguard bank transactions, military secrets and other electronically transferred nformation.

Memory, Medication and Mistakes
Forget to take your medicine? You're not alone, according to studies on memory, medications and the elderly.

Variations on a Theme
Music professor Mary Leglar composes interactive videos to increase the teaching repertoires of tomorrow's music educators.

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VIEWPOINT -- The Family --
Society's Smallest Democracy

Sharon Y Nickols, dean of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, points out the need for more family -oriented research.