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Winter 1997

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A Rising Tide for Georgia Clams
Clam research by marine scientist Randal Walker charts the course for a good catch along Georgia's coast.

A Clearer Picture for Preservation
The GIS Landscape
Scientists are creating a computerized map of Florida's fragile wetlands to help protect their precarious future.

Hale and Hearty at 100
Conversations With a Centenarian
Some rare individuals have passed the century mark and are still active and independent. How they did that is the focus of the Georgian Centenarian Study.

An Element of Survival
Untangling the Genetic Code
Will Taylor proposes a controversial theory: The AIDS virus devours a nutrient in the body, which tilts the balance of survival.

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Rice Blends Best of East and West
A successful hybrid blazes the trail for higher yields and quicker harvests.

Drawing on Dreams and Despair
Stefanie Jackson's haunting images of life's harsh realities belie her sunny nature.

The Politics of Opinion
Political scientist Bill Chittick offers a new method for measuring public opinion and foreign policy.

Unearthing the Secrets of Worms
More than fish bait, earthworms help keep our forests healthy.