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Summer 1995

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From the Editor

Plague in Today's Workplace
Feel stressed out by your job? Join the crowd. At least one in five workers suffer from the most advanced stage of job burnout.

Ancient Voices Speak Again in Carthage
After being buried beneath centuries of debris, Roman coins, marble statues, and funerary inscriptions divulge important information about ancient Carthage.

Power, Politics & Prejudice
A powerful idea, an informal justice system and a battered economy ignited a powder keg of violence in the South, resulting in half a century of lynchings.

Following Evolution's Footprints Through Nature
New molecular techniques help scientists classify organisms, study evolution and protect endangered wildlife.

VIEWPOINT -- Southern History in Black and White
In Portraits in Black and White, historian John Inscoe explores the complex, emotional and deeply personal aspects of Southern race relations.

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Women Athletes Build Body and Bone
Despite rigorous training and strict dieting, women gymnasts build denser bones than non-athletes, and  that may reduce their risk of osteoporosis.

Polly Wants a Vaccine
A vaccine soon may be available that protects parrots and other birds from beak and feather disease.

Read and Love It More
The National Reading Research Center has suggestions for teachers and parents alike on getting kids to read more and like it.

Of Tuna and Treaties
Environmental protection is making waves in  international trade accords.

Preserving a Piece of Mind
Modern agriculture has replaced much old-time  farming know-how. Memory "banks" can preserve this  traditional knowledge.