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For many, 1966 was a year of beginnings.
The Green Bay Packers beat the Cleveland Browns to win the NFL championship and go on to claim the first Super Bowl title.
The first unit of American soldiers landed in the Mekong Delta on Jan. 1, 1966; by year's end, 389,000 American soldiers were stationed in Vietnam.
The Supreme Court banned prosecutions for peaceful efforts to integrate public accommodations.
Astronomer Carl Sagan said the photos from Mariner 4 don't preclude the possibility of life on other planets.
And the University of Georgia launched a new publication, Research Reporter, in the fall of 1966.

Although the magazine's appearance has changed quite a bit in the past three decades, our mission remains the same: to give you a glimpse into the intriguing world of UGA research labs, studios and field stations.

Our 30th anniversary issue is no exception. You'll find a broad range of topics: why geochemist Chris Romanek and other scientists conclude life may have existed on Mars; what UGA researchers are doing to help Georgia's textile industry; and how anthropologists Brent and Elois Ann Berlin are trying to preserve the Mayas' ancient medical knowledge.

You'll also learn how biochemist Bi-Cheng Wang uses X-rays to help advance the fields of genetics, medicine and behavior and what Amit Sheth can do to lower health care costs by reducing the mountains of paper work.

We continue to believe in the importance of research that advances human understanding, informs public policies and educates for a better future. We hope you'll enjoy this selection of research stories.

Happy reading,

Judy Bolyard Purdy

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