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Winter 1997

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Tipping the Scales in Fat Research
Fundementals of Fat
The brain and body dictate how we eat and how we store food energy. Ultimately, understanding their interaction may be the key to controlling obesity.

Politics of Persuasion
There's more than one way to the U.S. Capitol. Researchers study the paths of persuasion that lead to victory.

Energizing Math &Science

Georgia students and teachers get a boost in math and science education, and it's a lot more than just chalk and talk.

Transforming Genetic Lingo
Our rhetoric may reflect how we percieve our choices about genetics and reproduction. Celeste Condit's research sheds new light on the issue.

Viewpoint - by Joe L. Key
How will budget changes from Capitol Hill affect university research? Vice President Joe Key shares his viewpoint on the future of research funding.

Fungi as a Teaching and Research Tool
Long before their findings ever make the headlines, researchers rely on dozens of laboratories and other research support services to advance their work.

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The Other Booth
John Ammerman explores the life of renowned 19th century Shakespearean actor Edwin Booth, brother of the infamous John Wilkes Booth.

Soaking Up Some Heavy Metal
Scientists have genetically altered a plant that one day may soak up mercury and other metals that pollute the environment.

King of the Road
Fred Stephenson's survey paves the way for a healthier trucking industry.

Secrets of Stork Survival
Why are wood stork populations flourishing in Georgia and South Carolina and declining in Florida's swamps? Ecologist Larry Bryan is on the trail to find the answers.