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Media Shelf

The Media Shelf offers a sampling of creative research efforts at the University of Georgia including books, software, recordings, research resources and Web sites.


The Bridge  

The BRIDGE (Building Resources: Induction and Development for Georgia Educators)

Web site redesign and expansion by Julie Moore, assistant professor, Linda Gilbert, public service associate, and Sean Hendricks, part-time assistant professor, College of Education

The BRIDGE, launched in 2004 but recently redesigned and expanded, offers a searchable database of resources around The Georgia Framework for Teaching and moderated discussion groups that allow teachers to share information and tips for facing challenging situations in the classroom.

Figuratively Speaking  

Figuratively Speaking: Rhetoric and Culture from Quintilian to the Twin Towers

by Sarah Spence, professor of classics
(Duckworth Publishers, 2007)

Unlike Jedi knights in Star Wars, humans cannot persuade others simply by accompanying words with a wave of the hand. Instead we use rhetorical language, the manipulation of words, to convince others. Spence examines one aspect of rhetoric–common figures of speech–from ancient Rome to the post-9/11 present, and shows how familiar phrases both express what our culture deems important and capture “the ineffable at our core.”

House of Abraham  

House of Abraham: Lincoln and the Todds, a Family Divided by War

by Stephen Berry, assistant professor of history
(Houghton Mifflin, 2007)

Abraham Lincoln’s fractious in-laws tested but could not defeat his legendary forbearance. In this fascinating account of little-known history, Berry shows how Lincoln’s understanding of his wife’s family both tempered his view of the “enemy” and affected national policy.

First Lessons in Beekeeping  

First Lessons in Beekeeping

by Keith S. Delaplane, professor of entomology
(Dadant & Sons, Inc, 2007)

Based on the 1917 classic by Charles P. Dadant, Delaplane explains the basics of beekeeping in simple language with numerous color photos and an up-to-date guide on disease diagnosis and treatment.

The Politics of the Presidency  

The Politics of the Presidency

by Joseph A. Pika, professor of political science and international relations, University of Delaware; John Anthony Maltese, Albert Saye Professor and Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor of Political Science
(CQ Press, 2008)

This updated seventh edition includes analysis of the accelerated 2008 presidential nomination process, the wars on terror and in Iraq, and Bush’s impact on the Supreme Court, education, global warming, and illegal immigration.


Viburnums: Flowering Shrubs for Every Season

by Michael Dirr, professor of horticulture
(Timber Press, 2007)

One of only four titles to win the 2008 American Horticultural Society Book Award, this well-illustrated volume is an invaluable guide for home gardeners and landscape professionals alike to a versatile and hardy plant species.

Darius Goes West  

Darius Goes West: The Roll of His Life

directed and edited by Logan Smalley,
BS Ed ‘06, (Independent release, 2007)

Meet 15-year-old Darius Weems from Athens, Georgia, who was born with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a fatal genetic disorder. This award-winning, exuberant documentary, directed by Logan Smalley while he was an undergraduate, follows Darius and a crew of UGA students on a 7,000-mile cross-country trip that looks at wheelchair-accessibility in America.

Terry Sound Business and Terry Third Thursday


Terry Sound Business and Terry Third Thursday

produced by Terry College of Business

These audio and video recordings from 2001 to the present offer insights from such noted business leaders as Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes, Maxine Clark and other executives on a wide variety of topics, from innovative business models to marketplace challenges.

The Art of Field Recording, Volume 1  

The Art of Field Recording, Volume 1

by Art Rosenbaum, professor emeritus, art
(Dust-to-Digital, 2007)

Raw blues, gospel, ballads and early ragtime–this four-CD collection captures 50 years of traditional American music in its pure form.


It’s Friday: The Artie Ball Swing Band Live at WUGA  

It’s Friday: The Artie Ball Swing Band Live at WUGA

produced by James Cook, BFA ‘94
(Independent release, 2005)

The jumping, joyous sound of the Artie Ball Swing Band, many of whose members are UGA alumni or staff, is captured in live performances recorded primarily during the show It’s Friday in the studios of radio station WUGA (91.7 and 97.9 FM), hosted by WUGA program director Robb Holmes.


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