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The Cress File


Hometown:   Pueblo, Colorado
Education:   Ph.D., University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1989
Work history:   Postdoctoral fellow (1989–1993) and research assistant professor (1993–1998) at the University of Washington; associate professor (1998–2007) and professor (2007–present) at the University of Georgia
Research areas:   Physiological determinants of physical function in older adults; interventions in community-based research
Research funding
(major sources):
National Institute of Aging; Georgia Department of Human Resources
Courses taught:   Biogerontology; Public Health and Aging; Exercise and Aging; Community and Public Health Physical Activity Interventions
Teaching Philosophy:   Students learn best when, through experience, they connect with the subject matter and to each other (adopted from Parker Palmer).
Family:   Husband, Carl McGrath
Passions outside work:  
Sea kayaking; hatha yoga
Book you’d recommend:   The Web of Life by Fritjof Capra
Biggest challenge:   Inadequacy of the workforce dedicated to working with and caring for older adults