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Fall 1998

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New Wave Oceanography
Year of the Ocean
An oceanographer explores the interplay of physical and biological forces that shape marine environments.

Down in the Dirt
Hurricanes, fires and other disturbances actually improve growth in a southern Appalachian forest - the longest continuously studied environment in North America.

The Quilting of Cultures
Judith Ortiz Cofer's writings about growing up between two cultures - a tropical island and a cold city - are gaining her national literary prominence.

Mom Has HIV
Life just got tougher for inner city kids whose moms are HIV-infected. Researchers have found some hopeful news in the midst of tragedy.

A Voice for the Wild Places
A Biosphere of Influence
The "Father of Modern Ecology" looks to the future with hope - if not optimism.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Double Star
Scott Shaw searches the heavens for traces of the fiery relationships among stellar twins.

From Russia, With Strings
A Russian violinist strives to orchestrate a new blend of chamber music.

Insurance Fraud: A Victimless Crime?
High unemployment and hard economic times fuel insurance fraud.

RX for Rex
Dogs can't tell the Doc exactly where it hurts, so a veterinarian has devised a way to measure surgical success.

Planting by the Satellite
Georgia farmers look to the sky - and Star Wars technology - to increase production and decrease the environmental impact of farming.

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Feathering Their Tests
With just one feather, researchers can tell where a wood stork lives, what it eats and its level of mercury contamination.

Remains of the Dig
Archaeologists learn about children's place in ancient Roman society from a remarkable cemetary in Carthage.

Strong Bones for Girls
Rick Lewis is looking at the link between genetics and high bone density in girl gymnasts.

Some Like it Hot
Heat-loving organisms produce remarkably heat-stable enzymes and provide clues to life's origin.

The Scholar's Audience
Conrad Fink is unequivocal about a scholar's moral obligation to share facts, insights and reflections.

UGA Chemical Analysis Lab
The UGA Chemical Analysis Laboratory helps researchers detect chemicals in parts per trillion.