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Fall 1998

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Spies in the Ointment
Political scientist Loch Johnson has tracked U.S. intelligence agencies through two governmental hearings, the end of the Cold War and four books' worth of research. Now he suggests how the CIA and other agencies could more effectively face multiple new threats.

Farewell to Arms
Proliferation of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons threatens to engulf the human race. Many nations are turning to UGA's Center for International Trade and Security to help reduce their deadly stockpiles.

Contraceptive Safari
South Africa's Kruger National Park is in danger of being overrun by burgeoning herds of elephants. A new contraceptive vaccine promises a safe solution.

Sexual Harassment 101
Inconsistent rulings by lower-court judges have led to conflicting decisions on workplace sexual harrasment. Dawn Bennett-Alexander's research investigates the cases that led to a recent Supreme Court Decision.

Black & Blue
New findings show that psychological abuse is widespread and can hurt just as much as physical abuse. Abuse also plagues the dating scene as much as it tears at the marriage bond.

Radical Differences
A higher production of a harmful molecule appears to promote heart disease in African-American men.

Turtle Beach
Wildlife ecologists shore up nests of endangered sea turtles against marauding raccoons on Florida's Canaveral National Seashore.

Carolina Bay Watch
Researchers have found a new crustacean species thriving in South Carolina's wetlands.

Computing Infinity
Jon Carlson tackles the complex variables of computer algebra.

A Case of Literary Arson
Joel Black looks at Richard Wright's Native Son in a new light.

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Survival of the Flittest
A new vaccine cages a killer of companion birds.

Lessons From 157 Lifetimes
A study of healthy 100-year-olds prepares to go international.

Selenium and AIDS
Evidence mounts for seleniums's role in suppressing the AIDS virus.

Hamburger's Helper
A new bacterial culture helps neutralize a hazardous strain of E.coli.

Finding a Voice for Science
Society needs more scientists and writers with a talent for elucidating  the wonders, intricacies and controversies of science.

Center for Applied Isotope Studies
The Center for Applied Isotope Studies taps into the atomic data bank to solve problems in industry, government and academia.