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The Merits of Hope
How is Georgia's most popular scholarship program stacking up?

Mars Revisited
Mars Attacks!
Scientific Sleuthing
The scientific debate rages on over possible life on Mars.

Pearls of Great Promise
Emerging Crops Get a Boost
Rust Resistant

An emerging crop in Georgia is for the birds -- and farmers too. Pearl millet is poised to rival the state's mainstay crops.

Resistance Fighters
Vet school researchers study how some bacteria become resistant to antibiotics.

Grand Designer
Hits and Misses
A team of UGA scientists are developing drugs that may lead to effective vaccines for HIV and other viral diseases.

"Tick" Talk
Finance professor Marc Lipson counsels the New York Stock Exchange.

Shorebirds' Survival
Oystecatchers and people are competing for the same beaches.

Life Underground
Learning more about the life and times of termites helps prevent structural damage.

Gaining Legal Ground
UGA law professors consider the legal and ethical issues of dementia in the elderly.

Reaching Out to Kids
Small-group teaching is a big hit in the classroom.

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A Watchful Eye
UGA researchers are keeping an eye on the worlds's weapons of mass destruction.

Genetic Junk
Finding the junk in DNA makes it easier for scientists to map genes.

Dragon Slayer
Old literary legends from many lands may have a common ancestor.

Rocks of Ages
By analyzing an ancient marble quarry, a UGA student sheds light on mysteries of the past.

From Weeds to Medicine
Common weeds in sidewalk cracks may hold more medicinal value than plants growing deep within the tropical rain forest.

Nobody Pays for Criticism
How should art and humanities compete for their share of the research funding pie? Betty Jean Craige offers insight.

Soil Tests