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Vanishing Reptiles
Declining numbers of amphibians may be a harbinger of ecological disaster. Now scientists warn that reptiles are in even worse shape worldwide.

Seeking Immunity
Bug Zappers
UGA brings the work of scientists from a variety of disciplines to bear on some of the world's most devastating diseases.

Welfare to Work
Who Will Stay On Welfare?
Against a backdrop of turbulent national reform, researchers are revealing the quiet success of Georgia's welfare-to-work program.

A Foundation for Future Research
Joe L. Key looks back at 14 years of service as the UGA vice president for research.

Digging up the Past
Archaeologist Mark Williams uncovers the hidden world of Georgia's ancient Indian chiefdoms.

Scanning Foods
UGA researchers adapt CAT scan medical technology to identify the bumps and bruises of produce.

The Deer Decision
A research project by wildlife ecologist Bob Warren is at the center of a legal battle and community debate.

A Sweet Change for Potatoes
Thanks to UGA researchers, the sweet potato can overcome its own sweet taste to become a major world food source.

Picture Perfect
Lanny Webb mixes traditional photography with computer technology to create a truly 21st century form of art.

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Infallible Fabrics
New laser scanning technology may lead to better fabrics, including safer medical garments for hospital workers.

An Elephantine Success
A new protein-based vaccine proves a safe contraceptive for South Africa's burgeoning elephant herds.

The GMO Controversy and the Ivory Tower
Two UGA researchers urge scientists to take a more vocal role and follow in the "activist scientist" footsteps of Albert Einstein.

Geographic Information System