The Art and Science of Aging Gracefully

As the population of the “oldest old” grows, UGA researchers are probing their secrets of longevity.

To Save a Mussel, Find Its Fish

Project aims to rescue the imperiled Altamaha spiny mussel by identifying the fish it depends on for procreation.

The University's Rainmakers

An in-house team of experts helps UGA researchers commercialize their work, bringing in revenue that’s reinvested in research.

Behind The Scenes

Embedded sculptures ‘rediscovered’ as digital art images: Art professor R.G. Brown confounds traditional concepts of art by creating sculptures—only to bury them underground.

Parasitic flies deployed against fire ants

Scientists at the University of Georgia are releasing parasitic flies with the hope of reducing the fire ant population in the South.

SAT: Writing best indicator of academic success

Study is first independent, academic analysis of redesigned SAT.

Algae may help corals survive ocean warming

UGA researchers have discovered that one subtype of algae exhibits resistance to certain environmental stresses.

Georgia’s black bears enjoy strong public support

A new survey shows that some Georgia residents support efforts to conserve these animals.

Asthma: The thunderstorm connection

For the first time researchers have demonstrated this relationship in the Southeastern United States—in the metro Atlanta area.

Brown recluse spider gets a bum rap in Georgia

Can a spider be a scapegoat? That certainly seems to be the case for the brown recluse spider, at least in Georgia and other states of the Deep South.

The Cress File

Kinesiologist Elaine Cress talks about the importance of strength training for older adults and the benefits of inter-generational exercise classes.

Media Shelf

A sampling of books, recordings and other creative works by UGA faculty, staff, and students.

Viewpoint: Balancing Trade and Security

A UGA center works to keep “dual-use” technologies away from conspirators while ensuring their application to benign commercial interests.

For the Record

University research is a vital economic stimulus.

Nobel Prize Spotlights Basic Research

Twenty years ago, UGA researchers initiated the cloning of the gene for the protein that gives jellyfish their green glow – and many believe started a scientific revolution.

2009 Research Awards

Recipients of the 2009 Creative Research Awards, Inventors Award, Distinguished Research Professorships, Creative Research Medals, and Graduate Student Awards. View website >