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UGA won one of the largest federal grants in its history to probe the basic science behind biofuels, and together with its established engineering expertise in applying scientific advances, is poised to help Georgia become the “Saudi Arabia of biomass”.

Ruth Harris strives to understand the intricacies of fat. Why do our bodies sometimes disregard internal signals? Why do we stop eating or eat too much when stressed? And why do we sometimes regain weight we lost?

A UGA economist says people planning for retirement should allow for periods of unemployment in their careers. He also found that women with children are more at risk because they save less than men for retirement.


Research Communications, Office of the VP for Research, UGA
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War: Weaker Nations Often Prevail
By plugging key variables into a mathematical model, researchers can predict the probability of victory in war.

Why Some Anti-smoking Ads Backfire
Researchers found that ads are most effective when they convince youth that their friends are listening.

Georgians Pessimistic about Eliminating Poverty
Even if the government spent what's necessary, most Georgians see poverty as an intractable problem.

Tiny Creatures Indicate River’s Health
A healthy river has a pulse created by floods that support a network of microscopic invertebrates.

Lowering BP After Stroke Protects Brain
Drugs used to lower blood pressure can reduce brain damage when given within 24 hours of a stroke.

Keeping Bambi Off the Road
Studying how deer see, hear and perceive the world may help researchers develop effective deer deterrent devices.

Tiny Natural Motors Could Improve Drug Delivery
Researchers are experimenting with tiny catalytic nanometers powered by chemical reactions.

Media Shelf
A sampling of books, software, recordings, research resources and Web sites.

The Games Drinkers Play

Jennifer Monahan studies the impact of alcohol consumption on interpersonal communication and behavior.

Violence, Like Other Public Health Threats, Is Preventable

Violence is as much a public health issue as obesity and cardiovascular disease, and like these diseases, it is best addressed through prevention.

Flower Power: The Gardens at UGA

Here, each year, researchers test the mettle of more than 900 annual and perennial cultivars, evaluating how well each stands up to the heat, humidity and searing sun of a Deep South summer.