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Spring 2000

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A Legacy Seeded in Southern Tradition
In an age of genetically engineered crops, scientists look to old-fashioned garden varieties that may ward off devastating blights of Southern crops.

Hot-lanta Lives Up to Its Name
Swapping vegetation for heat-absorbing asphalt and concrete creates an "urban heat island" effect in Atlanta; not only is the city's sprawl creating harmful ozone, but it's also manipulating the weather.

Folklore - Where Fact Meets Fiction
Georgia folklore abounds with legends of Sherman's March to the Sea. Many towns - including some never visited by the general's troops - have spawned stories about how they were spared from the torch.

Retro Viruses - A New Look at Very Old Genes
Some retroviruses, including HIV, are much older than previously thought, which changes how scientists look at disease research and the very nature of evolution.

The Beauty of Rough, Tough Turf

Turf Industry Rooted in Tifton
"Boot Camp" for Turf

A new grass hybrid is so tough it withstands not only harsh climates but also the punishment to athletic fiels.

Fishing for Answers
Fish may soon replace conventional lab mice in some scientific research.

Fresher, Finer Foods
Thanks to a UGA food scientist, edible food coatings will increase shelf life, reduce fat and enhance taste.

The Truth About Torts
Are personal injury lawsuits and medical malpractice cases running rampant in Georgia courtrooms?

Sunburned Reefs
UGA scientists discover sunburned coral reefs in the Caribbean - and finger global warming as one cause.

Gambling on Casinos
When communities bet on casino gambling to stimulate their economy, they often win a higher crime rate.

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Poetic Justice
New technology provides better translations of ancient Ugaritic verse.

Pollution - Eating Plants
Scientists are looking to transgenic plants to help solve pollution problems.

A Perfect New Peach
A new peach - firm but sweet - bursts onto the scene.

Research at the Extremes
To what extreme will researchers go in pursuit of science? Two UGA scientists tell of risks traveling to opposite ends of the Earth.

Plant Diseases
UGA scientists combine new technology and the Internet to diagnose crop diseases in a flash.