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Awards and Honors



The University of Georgia has a long tradition of unique and innovative research. This section contains a cross section of national and international recognitions awarded to UGA faculty in the past year.

Elected Fellowships in 2006


American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellows

AAS Fellows are elected by peer members in recognition of their efforts to advance scientific discovery and its applications.


Michael Arnold

Professor of Genetics

Arnold is being recognized for his role in defining the importance of reticulate evolution.


Jeffrey Bennetzen

Giles Professor and Eminent Scholar of Molecular Biology and Functional Genomics

Bennetzen discovered the lineage-specific contributions of different classes of transposable elements — pieces of DNA that can move from place to place on a chromosome — to genome structure and evolution.


Robert Ivarie

Professor of Genetics

Ivarie has greatly contributed to the field of avian genomics and avian transgenices for pharmaceutical protein production in egg whites.


Richard Meagher

Professor of Genetics

Meagher has made many contributions to the fields of plant genetics and cell biology, plant and animal biotechnology, and in particular, phytoremediation – the use of plants to clean up environmental pollutants.


Susan R. Wessler

Regents Professor of Plant Biology

Wessler studies the role of transposable elements in the evolution of genomes.


American Heart Association Fellows

AHA Fellows are selected based on academic accomplishments in hypertension research and service.


Adviye Ergul

Professor in Clinical and Administrative Pharmacy

Ergul studies the role of endothelin, a naturally occurring substance in the human body that causes blood vessels to narrow, in complications associated with diabetes and hypertension.

Awards and Invitations

Bruce Beck

Professor and Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar of Environmental Systems Analysis, was appointed an Institute Scholar at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

IIASA is an inter-disciplinary scientific research organization located in Austria. Beck, who has researched and written extensively about water pollution, will advise the director of IIASA on the future direction of water initiatives.


Valery Alexeev

Distinguished Research Professor of Mathematics, was invited to speak at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Madrid

The International Congress is held every four years, and this invitation is considered to be one of the most prestigious speaking engagements in mathematics. Alexeev is a world-renowned expert in algebraic geometry.

Peter Brosius

Professor of Anthropology, received the Lourdes Arizpe Award from the American Anthropological Association

This is the first biennial Lourdes Arizpe Award given. It honors those who have contributed to the application of anthropology to environmental issues and discourse. Brosius focuses on researching and teaching about ways that anthropological ideas can make a difference in conservation efforts.

Elected Officer in 2006


Sigma Xi

An international honor society for science and engineering, Sigma Xi publishes the journal American Scientist. Members are elected to the society based on research achievements, and over 200 members have won a Nobel Prize.


James W. Porter

Meigs Professor of Ecology

Porter has been elected president of Sigma Xi. He is a marine ecologist specializing in the disease ecology and long-term health of reef-building corals.


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