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A UGA scientist has spent a career helping to restore the health of U.S. waterways, rural and urban alike.

The Paul D. Coverdell Center for Biomedical and Health Sciences aims to take interdisciplinary research in new and productive directions.

Two teams of researchers, one lead by a UGA anthropologist, co- discovered the Highland mangabey and reconfirm the value and uniqueness of its diverse environment.

UGA researchers help refine the products and byproducts of farms and forests into ecologically sound alternatives to fossil fuels.

The UGA Marine Institute is a haven for ecological research.


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Drug Stings on the Wing
Tiny wasps could replace drug- and bomb-sniffing dogs.

Dog Doctors Turn Kids On
With the help of two Burmese mountain dogs, UGA veterinarians help introduce children and teachers alike to the joys of pet ownership, the roles of animals in medical research and potential veterinary careers.

The Media Are the Message
A UGA professor analyzes the links between technology and language.

UGA Faculty to Quell Quail Declines
School of Forestry faculty lead efforts to restore northern bobwhite quail populations in Georgia and the Southeast.

New Species of Microorganism Discovered by UGA Scientist
A UGA ecologist is instrumental in identifying a new diatom native to Lake Superior.

Study Finds Schools Can Help Teen Girls be More Active
Researchers develop a program to effectively encourage teenage girls to habitually exercise.

The Space Between
A UGA sculptor draws inspiration from traditional Korean art and Buddhist philosophy to create works of art that are defined as much  by the spaces within and around them as their concrete materials of construction.

Love Stories with a Social Conscience
"Rags to Riches" telenovelas resonate with audiences throughout the world and may have major social impacts.

Lord of the Rings
A UGA chemist investigates unusually stable metal compounds.

Media Shelf
A sampling of books, software, recordings, and other scholarly works.

Faculty Recognitions in 2006
A cross section of national and international recognitions awarded to UGA faculty in the past year.

Peace, Not Security
In order to deliver a “new world order” to future generations, we must realize and accept the shortcomings of a security regime and value the wisdom of a peace paradigm.

Taking Research to the Bank
TCO staff members provide UGA inventors with a professional patenting and commercialization process.