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Winter 1997

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Celebrating Three Decades

Alone in the Universe?
Scientists have found uncanny coincidences that offer "compelling clues" to life on the red planet

Cotton: A Natural Approach to Processing
Fashioning Better Textiles
Ian Hardin has found a cheaper, faster, cleaner way to convert raw cotton into that soft fabric we love.

Crystallized View of Life
UGA scientists crystallize proteins and bombard them with x-rays to learn more about their structures and functions.

Maya Medicine: Healing With Ancient Remedies
The Urge for Order
By studying the ethnobiology of the Maya, anthropologists are helping preserve a centuries-old medical knowledge.

The Global Face of Agriculture
A big challenge for the next millennium will be feeding the world's population. Ed Kanemasu makes a case for an  international research cooperation.

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A Harbor for Vernal Pools
Kerry Dawson is helping restore native plant communities along highway landscapes.

A Prescription for Paperwork
Amit Sheth is developing technology that will help hospitals share information over the Internet.

Debugging the Middle East
The newest invader in the Jordan Valley respects no political boundaries. The six-legged whitefly has the region up in arms to protect its crops.

In Tune With Liszt
Diaries of Franz Liszt's master classes offer new insight into the teachings of the 19th century composer.

Salmonella's Fatal Flaw
Contrary to accepted medical opinion, only one type of chicken-borne Salmonella is potentially fatal.