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Fall 1998

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A Seamless Edit
Film maker and artist James Herbert applies digital  technology to edit his latest film.

The Dawning of the Perfect Peach
Pick a Peck of Perfect Peaches
A new variety of an old favorite holds promise for the peach state's reputation.

Suicide: A Strategy for Life
 A detailed look at cell suicide, or apoptosis, and its natural and necessary process.

A Sharper Focus on Antiquity
Cameras and computers help Ted Lewis reconstruct a 3,400 year-old history written in the world's oldest alphabet.

The Big Coverup
Georgia farmers have abnormally high rates of skin cancer, a trend Roxanne Parrott is determined to reverse.

Love in Ernest
James Nagel's latest book on Ernest Hemingway portrays a wounded and vulnerable young soldier in love with his nurse.

Sea Changes
Microscopic life in the ocean may hold clues about global warming.

Spreading Chestnuts Across the Land
Research may one day help the American chestnut reclaim its place in the natural landscape.

Better Fat Substitutes
A food scientist combines the best qualities from different fats to create low-calorie, nutritional substitutes.

Keeping the Faith
A recent survey shows the percentage of scientists who believe in God hasn't budged since the turn of the century.

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Cloning: Thoughts Evoked by the New Ewe
Dolly, the sheep, raises many questions for scientists and the public

UGA Laboratories
Long before their findings ever make headlines, researchers  rely on dozens of UGA laboratories and other research support services to advance their work. We spotlight one of them here.