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Relief for Dry Eye
A UGA discovery leads to a drug for chronic dry eye.


Specialized computer hardware makes interactive computer animations even more realistic.

Power Shower
The force that causes static cling can deliver mists that decontaminate people exposed to hazardous chemicals or biological agents.

Dawgs of Distinction
Research experience helps undergraduates hit an academic "grand slam" and capture prestigious scholarships.

Seeking Jackpot Judgements
The world of personal injury lawsuits isn't as lucrative as most people think.

The Price of an Idea
A math formula can help calculate the value of an invention.

TV Surgery for Pets
Minimally invasive surgery means quicker recovery for Fido.

Healthier Seniors
Studies show vitamin deficiency is reversible in the over-60 crowd.

Research Universities Should Nudge National Policy
Academia has a responsibility to participate in the national security dialogue.

What's in an Image?

An electron microscope
reveals the unseen world.

About Early Detection
New strategies help overcome resistance to breast cancer screenings.
What's in a biography? To start with, years of searching attics, sorting through "rat-chewed papers" and uncovering intimate details of daily life.
National Treasures
Mapping a half-million acres to within 15 feet helps safeguard the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
In the Garden
Allan Armitage travels the globe looking for new plants for the American landscape.
Came to the Aid of Alzheimer's Research
A strange life form provides insight into the inner workings of cells and clues to neurodegenerative diseases.
Research Communications, Office of the VP for Research, UGA
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