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Parenting practices help kids sidestep hazards of growing up.

Antidepressants are turning up in streams and affecting wildlife.

Literature by 19th century French women gives new insight into slavery.

Overconfidence can lead to bad decisions and big losses.

Understanding how deer communicate helps improve herd management.

In the animal kingdom's perennial battle of the sexes, the prize is the fitness and survival of one's children.


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Living Roofs, Better Living
Growing plants on rooftops reduces rainwater runoff and summertime heat.

Animal Tagging
Microchips injected under the skin help researchers study hard-to-tag animals like snakes.

Insect Twins
Genetically identical, queens and soldiers of a parasitic wasp look nothing alike.

Poultry Litter: handle with care
Microbes in untreated chicken litter quickly develop antibiotic resistance.

SOS for Sea Turtles
UGA vet students help sea turtles with a viral disease.

Speaking Sports
Learning foreign languages is more fun when mixed with sports..

Trapping Cancer
Studies of lung cancer in sheep may lead to new therapies against AIDS or leukemia.

Turning the Table
A UGA geologist devises a new table of elements.

Combating Inactivity
Exercise keeps blood vessels fit, reducing heart attacks and stroke.

Building Better Antibodies
New technology may lead to longer-lasting, more potent therapeutic antibodies.

Smitten, Not Bitten
Flea-sized WOWbugs help students learn about genetics, animal behavior and more.

To avoid this journalistic felony, educators must teach how to do journalism the right way.

Big Machine on Campus
UGA's new Research Computing Center stores more information and processes it faster.