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Putting Organisms in Their Places
Scientists who systematically classify living things are themselves a threatened species. A major federal program aims to reverse this trend.
Viruses, Vaccines and the Unstoppable Ralph Tripp
A professor of infectious diseases focuses on such challenges as avian flu, SARS and respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, a common cause of respiratory infections in children.
Building a Better Math Teacher
UGA leads a joint effort to produce more and better-qualified teachers armed with a deeper understanding of mathematics.
Research Spotlight - Gordhan Patel
Vision, curiousity, imagination define retired research vice president.

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picture of a super model More Than Just a Paper Doll
Developing and maintaining classic 'good looks' may in fact be the easiest aspect of a model's career.

Airbags May Increase Auto Fatalities
In a random sample of all accidents, airbags were related to higher probabilities of deaths.

Five Molecular Structures Solved in 24 Hours
UGA molecular biologists set a new world record for speed.

Knotty Problem Solved
A team of mathematicians corrects two major assumptions to solve a 40-year-old math problem.

picture of a fish drinking tea Cells' Exit Signs
Newly discovered enzymes serve as 'traffic signals' for proteins in cells.

Tea For Tuna
Fish that swam in green tea instead of water had an 84 percent better chance against cell mutations that cause cancer.

Mentoring Relationships: All too Human
Mentor-protege relationships can be just as abusive and damaging as dysfunctional relationships among families and friends.

Prepaid Phone Cards: Caller Beware
Cost-per-minute rates on prepaid phone cards can be up to 87 percent higher than expected.

cartoon of a plant wiping sweat from it's brow Sleeping Plant's "Breath" Indicates Its Health
A 'stressed out' plant produces more carbon dioxide, and testing these levels of CO2 can help farmers detect trouble with their crops before it's too late.

Artificial Intelligence Learns When Beer Sells
Neural networks can accurately forecast sales by predicting spikes in the supply and demand of everything from beer to yogurt.

Media Shelf
A sampling of books, software, recordings, and other scholarly works.

Awards and Honors
UGA Creative Research Awards honor outstanding faculty.

Global Warming: What to Do About the Changing Climate
The signs of global warming are all around us.

UGA's Broadcasting Archives
UGA's broadcasting archives are a treasure trove of personal, political and historical memorabilia.

picture of a black and white television