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Depression can complicate ordinary marital problems and make marital success even more challenging.

University of Georgia physical oceanographer Daniela Di lorio uses specially designed equipment to listen in on one of Earth's mid-ocean ridges.

Vasu Nair has spent over 15 years studying how human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) replicates and causes AIDS.

Butchart is researching the formal education of freed slaves in the American South from the Civil War to Reconstruction.

UGA's Ecolodge provides research resources for academics and encourages the development of a healthy local economy.


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"Pinball Protons" Can Lead to DNA Damage
A proton knocked off from its pair on a DNA base can lead to serious disorders like cancer.

Birth Months Associated with Learning Disabilities?
Roy P. Martin, a University of Georgia professor of education, suggests that birth month matters with respect to learning disabilities in elementary-aged children.

Disaffection at the Top:
Elite Colleges Lose Students

Imagine that after being accepted to the college of your dreams, you choose to leave after one year, and no one there understands why.

When Dot-Coms Succeed
Rick Watson, who studies the Internet's effect on businesses, recently published a case study describing the principles of online commercial success.

Two for the Show
The study of polyploids — organisms that possess two sets of chromosomes from each parent instead of one.

Discovery of New Molecular Tools for Biosynthesis
Pectin is known for being a household gelling agent, but it also has anti-cancer properties.

UGA Astronomers Discover "Hot Tip" on Evolution of the Milky Way
The galaxy, NGC 1068, may offer insights into the evolution of our own spiral galaxy, the Milky Way.

New Hypothesis on the Evolution of Hot Springs Microorganisms
Microorganisms, or archaea, have fascinated scientists with their ability to thrive in hot, acidic, or salty conditions.

Winning the "Water War"
Water for crops has become a scarce local resource due to droughts and disputes over usage rights.

Darwin on Stage
Although C.B. Davis intended on studying botany in college, he chose to major in drama. Still, he looks at life from a scientist's point-of-view.

Improving Global Understanding One Bias at a Time
When he teaches, Alan Godlas, director of UGA's Virtual Center of Interdisciplinary Studies of the Islamic World, asks that his students first put aside their own biases.

Survivor: Piece of
an Evolutionary Puzzle

Study of parasite - host relationships.

Animal and Human Health Research Goes Full Circle
University students hope that with the patent of their new discovery, they can benefit both animals and humans.

Media Shelf
A sampling of books, software, recordings, and other scholarly works.

Faculty Recognitions in 2006
A cross section of national and international recognitions awarded to UGA faculty in the past year.

Why the Arts Matter in Education
What do they offer students and why are they important? What are the implications for arts teacher preparations at UGA?

Hubble Telescope of Water Pollution
Bruce Beck, of UGA's Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, peers into the business of metropolitan wastewater to bring clarity to the management water resources.