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By studying avian influenza, UGA researchers are seeking to defeat a wily and potentially deadly enemy.

UGA engineering students apply their skills to projects in Africa aimed at helping the very poor earn their own living.

UGA researchers are making progress in discovering the vulnerabilities of the parasite Cryptosporidium.

Foreign markets may be good for U.S. companies, but tapping currently underserved domestic markets may be even better.

A conversation with Michael Doyle, UGA Center for Food Safety.


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Looking Beyond
the Bell

Professor Sally Zepeda hopes to identify categories of school systems, and evaluate their experiences moving on and off of block scheduling.

High Rates of Prescriptions Given for Unproven Uses
A UGA study has found that three-quarters of people prescribed antidepressants receive the medications for a reason not approved by the FDA.

A Newly Discovered Carbohydrate Structure Unique to Anthrax
Researchers at UGA, in collaboration with the CDC, have discovered a unique carbohydrate structure in the cell wall of B. anthracis that may determine its virulence.

Regular Exercise Better Than Stimulants at Reducing Fatique
A new analysis by University of Georgia researchers finds overwhelming evidence that regular exercise plays a significant role in increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue.

Forecasting: Weather Behavior Depends on Demographics
Professor Alan Stewart analyzes weather forecasts in terms of how weather descriptions affect the decisions and morale of the people hearing them.

TVA: Asking Questions, Seeking Answers on Future Use
A University of Georgia study looks at how to make these lands more accessible to a changing population.

Do Animals Have Personal Memories?
UGA researchers report discovery of “episodic-like” memory in laboratory rats, possibly opening new avenues for research on Alzheimer’s disease.

A Sobering View From Above
Startling growth rates in the 16-county Metro Atlanta area mean a loss of 54 acres of tree canopy and a gain of more than 28 acres of impervious, or constructed, surface - daily.

Spam More Irritating Than Direct Mail
According to a study most people find spam more intrusive and irritating than direct mail.

Team Unearths 3.3 Million-Year-
Old Child

A new professor of anthropology in UGA’s Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, René Bobe, was part of the team reporting the find.

Media Shelf
A sampling of books, software, recordings, research resources and Web sites.

Faculty Recognitions in 2006
A cross section of national and international recognitions awarded to UGA faculty in the past year.

Owning Up to Poverty in America
Despite a lack of focus in the public arena, poverty remains a crippling national problem.

Zebrafish Lab Spawns New Research
Cellular biologist Scott Dougan crossbreeds thousands of fish over several generations, looking for mutations.