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Winter 2008



Samuel Stabler’s drawing, which appears in the 2006 online edition of JURO, incorporates memories of the art major’s travels in Italy, Cuba and Central Europe.






Behind the Scenes

JURO highlights undergrad research

By Marlyncia Pierce

The University of Georgia publishes one of the only online research journals in the country to feature undergraduate research. JURO, short for the Journal of Undergraduate Research Opportunities, is an online journal that highlights the best of research in the arts, humanities and social sciences presented at the annual CURO Symposium—the Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities, an arm of the UGA Honors Program.

Pam Kleiber quotePam Kleiber, associate director of the UGA Honors Program, said JURO encourages undergraduates who have presented their research at the CURO Symposium to publish, another critical aspect of the overall research experience. Under Kleiber’s advisement, a team of undergraduates also serves as the journal’s editorial staff, reviewing, editing and preparing submitted papers for publication. The journal includes scholarly papers authored by the undergraduates, portraits, and biographical information about the authors, and photographs of art projects.

“The journal reflects well on UGA nationally,” said Kleiber, “because few universities offer their undergraduates a chance to participate in research as early as the University of Georgia. This translates to having students who may have publishable papers before they graduate, and that helps attract top students. Our students are also presenting papers at national and international conferences.” Founded in 2001, the annual journal is published in the spring. Visit the journal at:



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