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Guilt-Free Fats
UGA scientist patents tasty fat substitutes with undeniable health benefits.

Negative Ads,
Positive Outcomes

Voters hate negative ads but the ads spice up campaigns and may increase voter turn-out.

Scientist find the gene for a disease that links thousands of descendants across 300 years.
UGA Researchers studying schizophrenia look to relatives for cognitive traits that may be hard-wired on the genes.
Kittens at Play
Much of what scientists once thought about kitten behavior may not be true.

Blocking Pneumonia
Preventing walking pneumonia may be as simple as finding a way to block bacteria from attaching in the first place.

Marisa Anne Pagnattaro studies laws that protect people from genetic discrimination on the job.
Research and Reality
Steve Stice's research ushers in new breeding options for livestock and new hope for people with Parkinson's disease.
Bacteria Gone Bad
Proteins that chew up other proteins help scientist understand how normally harmless bacteria can become menacing secondary infections.
for Treatment Centers
Hard hit by healthcare changes, private rehab centers increase survival chances through better programs and fewer risky business practices.
Rx for New Kidneys
People who get kidney transplants fare better with follow-up care from a clinical pharmacist.

One Strong Carbohydrate
Scientists discover that a mysterious carbohydrate found in red wine is the reason why mighty oaks can grow so tall.

Preparing for Terrorism
Americans can take a lesson from the ineffective emergency responses to the Chernobyl nuclear accident.
A Tribute to Eugene Odum
The "Father of Modern Ecology" leaves a legacy that has changed the way we view ecosystems.
Georgia Vet Diagnostic Lab System
Testing for disease-causing agents is all in a day's work. It's also vital to protecting Georgia's pets and livestock.
Research Communications, Office of the VP for Research, UGA
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